Kitchen utensils recycled into decorative objects.


This teapot is made of aluminum and the handle is covered with a thick piece of plastic for heat, but this teapot is more of a decorative object than a kitchen utensil.


It can be used as a small Watering Can or as a pot for flowers, plants, keys etc.


Three sizes are available - 1.5 litres, 2 litres, and 2.5 litres.


Available in 3 different colours. They are painted with acrylic paint and varnish.


Washable with a sponge and can run underwater.


Not recommended for dishwasher.


Perfect gift for tea lovers and teapot collectors.


This can be a unique gift for many occasions like mother's day, birthday, new year etc.

Recycled Hand Painted Aluminium Tea Pots

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