Long skirt with a digital print of an original Frida Kahlo design.


It has an elastic at the waist and the bottom has a large hem.


It can be worn with a belt and a petticoat to give even more volume.


We also have accessories like Jackets, Tunics, Tops, Scarves, and Hats in the same collection.


Suitable for both slim and curvy body structures.


This is made of 100% cotton.


This has one size: Standard Length: 100 cm, Waist: 80 cm to 130 cm.


8 panels for a maxi skirt


Length and waist size can be customized at your request.


This skirt is an original design and is part of the AKKA CREATION collection under the FRIDA KALHO Corporation License.

Long Skirt with Original Frida Kahlo Design

Color: Black