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Akka Creation

The power of colors!

India's fashion for women begins here. Self-confident and full of joy for living. Made "by Women for Women" with sizes being limitless. Sensual, colourful, and quality being the most important factor. Each piece is uniquely crafted and the AKKA look is recognized worldwide. The AKKA fashion began at Mamallapuram, a small town in the Bay of Bengal that belongs to the world cultural heritage.


In 2005, after the devastating tsunami, Véronique Thomassin contemplated the idea to make fashion and accessories there and ended up training the women of the village, thereby creating job opportunities that aided in better living conditions. An idea that has been successfully developed thanks to the commitment and dedication of these women, spreading the beauty of colours of India worldwide. Immerse yourself in this world full of colour.


We are grateful for your visit to our website and also welcome you to our outlets and workshop in Mamallapuram.